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Frequently Asked Questions

You can play from anywhere in the world.

The total jackpot is approximately calculated based on the number of people who visit the site. This is then split between 10 lucky winners:

1st: 50%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%
5th: 5%
6th: 2%
7th: 2%
8th: 2%
9th: 2%
10th: 2%

Make sure you’ve entered your PayPal email address in your account section, and then press the ‘Claim Winnings’ button that will appear next to your winning ticket. We’ll send you email confirmation when we’ve received your payment request.

You need a PayPal account to accept our payments. Simply signup on their website and then we can pay you.

You can earn one ticket each day you visit the site. Referring friends will earn you additional tickets.

Referring friends to the site will gain you additional tickets. Also the total jackpot increases based on how many logged in users visit the site. So more people using the site means more money is given out.

The jackpot is drawn at 18:00 (GMT) on Saturday, so make sure you visit the site every day to collect as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning. If you have a winning ticket, you then have 1 week to claim your prize.

We use HTTPS to keep you secure, and only require your PayPal email address to pay you. We do not pass on your email address to any third parties. We only use it to manage your account and winnings on Big Free Giveaway.

We send all payments securely via PayPal.

Visiting the site every day, and referring friends to the site using our referral scheme will earn you extra tickets. The more tickets you have the more chance you have of winning.

Visit the referral page to grab your unique referral URL, share this with your friends on social media & email. The more friends that sign up, the more tickets you will earn.

The jackpot increases based on the number of visitors, so share the site with your friends!